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          The following website links have some useful information that this website doesn't contain. Please be advised that what I believe is posted on MY WEBSITE. Though there are many things which they teach that I can agree with; any conflicting belief or interpretation of Scripture between us we respectfully disagree.


A Gay Christian Social Network where Christians can talk and ask questians. It also refutes anti-gay interpretations of Scripture.

Presents what the Bible actually teaches in regards to homosexuality by referencing the Hebrew and Greek text.

Hope Remains: Homosexuality and the Bible

The truth about homosexuality and the Bible

Gay Christian Theology

Gay Christian Theology is a website for all sexual orientations. It examines the Bible on the homosexual issue of whether it is a sin or not. It is a wonderful resource to educate all, but especially for gay people struggling with their homosexuality in light of so much Christian condemnation.

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Beneficial Links / Resources